Flow The Science of Elite Performance.

What is Flow? Flow is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Elite performers from the world of sport call it “being in the zone”, some say “I’m on fire”, musicians say “in the groove”!

We’ve all had moments where we’re so engrossed, so focused in the moment that we forget about everything around us, time loses all meaning and creativity and productivity flow.

Mckinsey’s completed a 10 year study on Flow states and drew the following conclusions:

A survey of 5000 top executives, reported being five times more productive in flow.

Most of us spend less than five percent of our work life in flow.

Employees are five times more productive in Flow, than they are on average, consider what even a relatively modest 20-percentage-point increase in peak time would yield in overall workplace productivity?—Productivity would almost double!

Flow by Mpowered is a new concept in developing human potential, it’s a program with its roots in NLP, EQ, Mindfulness, and Hypnotherapy, drawing on all the core concepts, and complemented by cutting edge neuroscience technology developed by Dr J Faubert of the University of Montreal.

With over 40 scientific papers and evidence that the technology provides significant improvements in the following areas:


Hone your mental focus on exactly what is needed, create a state flow and increase productivity

Executive function

Think clearly with better decision-making, greater self-control, self-awareness and goal attainment.

Working memory

Stay on top of things when the demand is high in your life and your career. Take problem solving to another level, and combat the effects of stress and anxiety, preventing burn out.

Processing speed.

Process more information and act faster, create peak learning states supercharge comprehension and become a lean mean learning machine, able to develop skills to their optimum levels

Why Flow? Why now?

Recent events have made many company’s re-think how they do business, this has produced opportunities and challenges in equal measure.
Opportunities to use technology to a greater extend, streamline operations, move more business online, are just a few of the benefits extent.
The challenges are having staff work from home, some of whom will be perfectly fine with this however, others will feel cut off and isolated, the dangers are declining productivity, stress and anxiety.

So how can Flow help?

By developing working memory, flow is able to minimise the effects of the challenges your team are facing right now, by drastically reducing stress and anxiety.

By honing attention, productivity will increase, developing neuroplasticity will enable your team to become more adaptable, resilient and able to face the new reality of todays “workplace”