The learning journey

Our approach for sustained change starts right at the very beginning of any coaching intervention. Our Custom Program creation process is a highly collaborative one. We work with our clients as co-development partners throughout the process. Once a programme has been designed we’ll then move into step one of the learning journey.
Step one entails all delegates receiving a 1-2-1 coaching call usually conducted over skype/telephone prior to attending the workshops. The aim of this call is to help the delegate identify and set clear objectives.

Step two is the beginning of the workshops where experiential learning is used to engage your team. Each session is custom made to ensure that the sessions challenge and inspire change.

Step three happens at the mid-point of the delivery of the workshops. We conduct another round of 1-2-1 coaching calls to ensure that the delegates are able apply the learning from the workshops. This is an opportunity for the delegates to explore any barriers or challenges they may be experiencing and to formulate clear actions that they can take to move themselves forward.

Step four is the remainder of the workshops, which now move into overdrive as delegates see the results of their learning .

Step five are the final 1-2-1 coaching calls, these are conducted 6-8 weeks after the final workshop has been completed, we call this the sustain and maintain call. This is to ensure that the learning lives on and is being applied consistently. During this coaching call it is not uncommon for delegates to set more ambitious goals for themselves and their teams.

Our unique approach is honed out of over thirty years of experience of working with both individuals and groups, and will get your teams buying into the programme at an early stage; setting clear goals, achieving deeper levels of commitment, which ultimately leads to a measurable increase in performance.

“The end of the journey isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more”